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Drawing dump of Fox/Snake, BB/Kaz, BB/Ocelot, Null etc etc through this 

ungggh this pairing has grabbed my by the heartstrings and just won't let go.  <3<3<3

First three days of the Fifty Days of Gentleman project.

Pchat drawings because this post NEEDS MORE FOX

Pencil drawing of Snake that I haven't had chance to tidy up yet... IDK about this I drew it when i was very sleep deprived XD


Pud asked for ‘something that Ocelot would fantasise about.’ I don’t know if this was what she was thinking of, but it ended up like this anyway.

TL;DR I’m trying to figure out characterisation here.

This picture is a bit of an experiment in power dynamics in a hypothetical BB/Ocelot relationship - Ocelot would fantasise about having power over Big Boss, obviously, but I began to wonder how much power he would want. As far as I can tell, he seems to deliberately cast himself as a villain (much like in a Western movie) and even sabotages chances he might have of winning, SO would he enjoy seeming to be in control, safe in the knowledge that BB could ultimately override him if he wished? Or is it more in the struggle against BB, no matter how hopeless?  Also, if he had a relationship with someone else, would it be different (OBVIOUS ANSWER IS YES?)

In this picture I tried to depict (in a subtle way!) the first idea I mentioned. Ocelot appears to be in control here - he’s clothed (never underestimate how much power being clothed gives in a situation!), he’s standing, whereas Snake is kneeling before him, completely naked (right down to his eyepatch, which I think would be a significant step away from control for Snake.) His hand is placed in a rather obviously controlling way on the back Snake’s head.

However, Snake is also in a position of power. After all, if he decides he doesn’t like what Ocelot is doing, all he has to do is bite (>.<). The placement of his hand implies a degree of power over the situation, given that he seems to be the one undressing Ocelot, and he also seems to be the initiator of contact (Ocelot isn’t forcing him to do anything yet.)

ANYWAY THAT WAS FAR TOO TL;DR. Not entirely happy with my drawing skillz in this one, possibly I spent far too long thinking about the characters rather than working on the drawing itself XD

also some TL'DR-ing about BB/Ocelot.


Apr. 15th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
Awesome to see all these again! Except for that bound Snake I'm seeing for the first time here so let me just say that's very nice. He's sort of reminiscent of Fox in this one, actually. XD

About Ocelot's fantasy, BB is pretty much a given in terms of subject matter. Ocelot does seem to want to best him somehow by always showing off (and if not that, then to prove he's no less capable than BB, but he never realizes that showing off is what opens him to attack in the first place), so I'd say control or power play would be among his interests.

But, yeah, the fact that BB is the one performing the morale boost (lol) doesn't in itself mean anything - what's important is the intent behind it, whether it's something he's doing to Ocelot or is made to do by Ocelot; basically these aren't some straightforward roles. Which makes the dynamic all the more interesting. :D

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